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Top 10 iOS Apps You Must Have


Mobile apps can be described as software applications that are used in mobile devices, tablets, etc. In today’s world, we are always surrounded by applications to work from the start until the end of our day. Now, if you own an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you’ll need these basic and useful apps. Apple supplies its users with ample amount of inbuilt apps to start with. But we always prefer some basic information about other applications that we can download. So, listed below are some of the best iOS apps. Reddit:…
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10 Best Android Apps For 2016


We are living in the 21st century which makes it harder to live without these mobile applications. These applications were created for productivity. However with the increasing demands of their usage they had to expand themselves in various categories. When we talk about android apps, they are our daily needs. Available at the tip of our fingers these applications make our lives easy. Given below are some of the apps that are best of the lot of 2016. 1Weather:This is undoubtedly the best weather app. Its user-friendly interface gives you…
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Top 5 Most Downloaded Apps


The usage of applications is now becoming increasingly frequent. We all have noticed that we always go for the free apps rather than the paid ones, why? They are free! Also, why spend money on something when you can actually get it for free? So here are some of those apps that are free and very useful. Have a look at these 5 most downloaded apps and give them a try. Chrome Browser: This browser can be named as one of the easiest, simplest and fastest browsers of all the…
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Top Successful Free Apps to Download


Which smartphone are you using presently? Is it an Android phone like Samsung Galaxy series or an iPhone? Whatever you use, you definitely look for apps which you download at free of cost and which also cater several of your needs. For example, having a road map app can save you from getting lost in thecompletely new city. So, here are some top successful free apps which you can download to your smartphone to make those the smartest. Top Apps for Android Phones Pocket- Read It Later While reading something…
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Tips on Writing Mobile Apps


With the growing development of mobile apps, writing mobile application has become one of the most wanted things in the present programming world. Mobile apps are mainly written on two platforms for two types of smartphones- the Android ones and the iPhones. Even if you are not a programmer, you can write mobile apps with these following tips. Go along and know well- Know Your Phone Well Obviously, you need a smartphone, to begin with. After all, there is no chance to make a hugely popular app on someone else’s…
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A Few Free Mobile Apps That Are Making a Great Sum of Money


Whenever you hear the word ‘free,’ you get ultra-happy. And when it comes to getting superb mobile apps, your happiness touches the sky. Do you know how much the app companies are earning from these popular apps? Young people are fond of gaming apps, photo editing apps and all. Besides these, there are several other apps which are making our life super easy. So, let’s have a look at the most downloaded apps as these are also the most earning apps at present days- FaceBook From 8 to 80s, FaceBook…
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Top 5 Highest-Earning Apps


Whenever you download any apps to your smartphone, have you ever thought how many money the Google Play Store or Apple App Store make every month? You can’t even imagine the amount. Everyday people download apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and numerous gaming apps continuously on their phone. So, instead of making any idea of the profit of these apps stores, you can take a look at the apps that earns maximum money for the stores. Read on to know more- 1. WhatsApp This is one of the most downloadable apps…
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The Era of Mobile Apps


If you are using asmart phone, you definitely know about the popular mobile apps available on your phone. If you have Android phone, you can download apps from Google Play Store while Apple App Store is there to help you download suitable apps for iPhones. From gaming apps to cooking apps, you can get a little world in your hand through these apps. While there are so many apps of such different categories, you can call it as ‘the era of mobile apps. Apps to Entrepreneurs It is an inevitable…
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