5 Mobile Apps That Pay You For Using Them

Are your parents always nagging about you being on your phone? Well, next time you can tell them that you’re earning through your smartphone!

It may not be a lot, but it will still help you add little extra cash to your pocket money. Here is how you can earn money using mobile apps, without having to restrict yourself to a desktop or a laptop.

ShoplyfterRemember one thing though, don’t try to steal from shops because penalty you get might be severe. These girls know a thing or two about it. Being featured on a Shoplyfter isn’t something that you want, but given you aren’t a beautiful, yet naive girl, it won’t happen. What’s better alternative for making some quick cash? Our choices below!

1. Cash For Apps

This is an easy way to make money by simply installing apps. You do not even have to sacrifice your storage space and can delete the apps once you have been credited the points. Every 300 points gets you $1, and you can use this money to get gift cards for stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Google Play and many other places. There are also options for bonus points when your friends use your referral code to download and use this app.

2. Pact

This app is available for both Android and iOS users, and monitors your health as well! This is an app that pays you to be fit! Isn’t that great? All you have to do is set health and fitness goals in the app and stick to them. Failure to stick to the goals means you will lose money, and you get rewarded with about $2 per goal accomplished. This money comes from the other users who have failed to achieve their targets. This app gets synchronized with your fitness tracker for authentic results.

3. Inbox Dollars

This app is again for both Android and iOS and pays you to take surveys that are emailed to you. They also pay to simply browse the internet and play games. You can claim your earnings once the amount reaches $300. Before you take the survey, you are informed how long it will take. You are paid $1 for every survey.

4. Fronto

This one is only for Android users. It pays you to advertise things on the lock screen of your phone. The advertisements may be products, articles, or surveys you need to place on your lock screen. For every link you swipe left and follow, you get paid in Fronto points (2500 points = $1).

5. App Trailers

You get points for watching the advertisements on a list. The advertisements do not end at simple trailers to apps; it includes trailers for upcoming movies and games as well. Every time you watch an entire trailer, you get paid. You can cash out the money via PayPal, or use it on Amazon Best Buy. Every 1000 points equals $1.

Who would have thought mobile apps would pay for mundane activities? Now you can earn while you enjoy using your phone.