Phone Customization – Top 6 Apps That You Cannot Miss

You think you have everything you and your phone need? Well, a yes won’t be the right thing to say unless you have the following applications on your phone. The apps listed below may not be the latest in the market but like the title suggests, these are the applications that you cannot miss and should consider installing.


Sis Loves MeSis Loves Me – the golden standard in the step sister porn entertainment. While you don’t need any special app for that we strongly suggest to browse the archive of 200 fantasy situations where step brothers and step sisters are having sexual fun. It might be wrong, it might be just a fantasy but it’s certainly worth watching – after all it’s free!


Every phone comes with some photo editing tool, but they are never enough. If you are really looking forward to some hardcore editing tools that will give you awesome pictures, you do need to checkout Snapseed. This application offers a number of wonderful editing tools along with the capability to edit RAW images. This means, Snapseed lets you recover details in a photo and fix contrast and saturation in a very natural way. Get this app to apply HDR like effects to your phone while vegetating, straightening your shots and more.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the app that can make your phone look like a new one every day. It lets you completely reskin your phone right from the wallpaper to the way your folders pop open. Nova lets you do a lot with your phone like change the theme, change the size of the icons and fonts and create new gesture controls.

VLC Player

We all know VLC player; it has been a trusted video player for a long time now. Today, you can have it on your phone and enjoy videos on the go. This player can handle files of any format for you while giving you options like adding subtitles, watch videos on top of other apps, play web streams and do so much more. This app is available for free to enjoy nonstop videos on the go.


Streak is an email tracker. Have you used on before? You should consider using Streak to find out if someone has seen your mail or not. This app can help you know who has been ignoring your mails or who is avoiding a reply. While this sounds like something you will never know but this app can be mighty helpful in some professions. With streak, you will never have to wonder if a person received your mail or not. No more lying, no more melodrama.


Dropbox is a very old name, but it is amazing how this name has managed to stay relevant over the years. It is still the best application for syncing files between your multiple devices. Dropbox works across technologies and is equally popular with Windows as it is with Android. Dropbox can help you backup your important data, photos and videos on the cloud and use and share them as and when you please. This app is free if you do not want too much space but if you want more you will have to pay a fee.

Consider installing these applications the next time you are planning to customize your phone. All of these apps come from trusted sources and have been tried and tested for years before making it to this list. Try them according to your need.