Why do we need writing mobile applications?

We are living in the digital era and computational development is growing faster and faster everyday. But not only computational applications are developing more and more. The same situation is for mobile applications. To answer to this question, it seems that nowadays we need mobile applications for everything. Could you imagine your life without mobile applications? In our days, I think that this is an impossible thing. We need mobile applications to find a free parking place, to find the best restaurant in a city break or to find out which are the cheapest hotels in a town. These are just some examples of mobile applications. To conclude, we need writing mobile applications because mobile devices become everyday more powerful and ready for new apps.

Which are those mobile platforms that are used for mobile applications?

Technically all the mobile platforms are developed in order to support mobile applications. But there are some platforms that are used more often by the users. Those platforms include BlackBerry, Android, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, iPod Touch or iPad. Each of those platforms is appreciated and criticized by their users due to their functions. It is your choice which one of those suits you most.

The era of mobile applications can still develop?

Well, it is hard to give an answer to this question. At this moment, it seems that there is no way to stop the development of mobile applications due to the mobile devices development and the investments those are involved in this industry. Besides, the demand of mobile apps is still increasing. But there are certain voices that are considering that the era of mobile applications is close to the end. These voices are based on downloads of mobile apps from applications stores. Who knows? Maybe it is true, but for sure that the future will tell us.

Should I choose iOS or Android?

When you have more options regarding your mobile platform, it is hard to decide. Android and iOS are the most used mobile platforms. There are contradictory opinions regarding which one is the best. But it seems that Android is preferred by more users. The reasons for this choice include aspects such as the possibility to change its battery, the possibility to use a SD memory card, lower prices or the possibility to charge your device using a USB cable. Besides, Android is using Google and in this way, your mobile is synchronized with Gmail or Google Maps.

Which are the best mobile applications ideas?

Nowadays there are thousands of mobile applications ideas, from very useful ideas up to very crazy ones. We may mention here some of the mobile ideas that we consider as some of the best, such as car-sharing realtime application, pizza order application, conference app, book search application, finding the highest quality roads in a country app, food wastage reduce through donation app or things to do in an area for tourists app. These are just some ideas, but for sure that there are many others.