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man-talking-on-the-phone-1582238_640There was a time when mobile phones had a very limited use and the entertainment generation from the use of mobile phones was negligible but these facts have witnessed drastically changing figures since the last few decades. As of now, mobile phones have developed themselves into an undeniable necessity. The future predictions also speak for the very fact which means that in a few years, application usage on phones will raise to as much as 50%. This application usage would involve all sorts of categories; be it some shopping facility or playing games or some personal assistant kind of – this also gives a call for tough competition between the application available on the respective stores. In other words, this truly is an era of writing applications as the developers are thriving to make their applications to stand out among the competitors. When you just search a utility on store, there is a huge list of applications available for download in that genre which itself proves that there are a lot of developers out there.

Any information or findings that are capable of portraying the infographics related to the past, present or future usage of some technology are really interesting for readers – this is the particular cause behind this site! These kinds of facts will never fail to draw the readers to themselves. And, also this kind of analysis and information tends to keep the readers informed about the latest technological advancements and/or changes taking place. Our aim is to keep all of our readers interested in reading the informational facts and entertainment facts that are particularly falling under the niche of mobile applications. We want to express to our readers that there are legit applications available through which you will actually be able to earn some money. Similarly, all the games that you really need to play because of the high graphics they are carrying in themselves. This site will become your ultimate go to place whenever you are in need of some kind of application or you want to get inspired by the facts related to application usage.

We will be providing all sorts of informative stuff that can be thought of as helpful for analytics related to application usage and will be covering the both major domains – Android and iOS. The best applications and utilities for both personal and business will be listed down with dedicated analysis and reviews on each of them. We also would like to cover the range of markets they have captured and the amount of downloads their particular application has attained. This stuff is deemed important whenever you are going to download some kind of application – the reviews and the feedback of the potential users will define the list that we will be maintaining. Apart from this, any kind of entertainment or factual stuff falling in this category will also be the part of our site. So, if you are looking for a dose of quality stuff, you need to regularly check us out for latest updates and postings.

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