Top 5 Mobile Applications For Personal Finance Management

Finance management is one of the prime requirements for any independent adult in today’s times. And this does not mean simply keeping a tab of one’s various bank accounts. Rather, finance management incorporates spheres such as budget calculation, bill payments, investment tracking, etc. And in this current technical age there are various smartphone apps that can help you manage your personal finances. Here we present a list of the top 5 such apps.

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Mint is a free to use application that serves all the basic needs of personal finance management. But alongside creating budget lists and credit checks it also provides certain other benefits. For example, it can help you save more on your budget by giving you suggestions or provide you with alerts when a bill is unpaid. With the help of Mint one can keep their level of expenditure in check and keep a close tab on all of their accounts.


What Quicken provides other than individual financial management services is a dashboard which presents a clear picture of the state of finance at any given time. This feature makes Quicken a beloved app as with one simple glance a user will be able to decide what direction to take regarding their finance. While Quicken is a paid app, the price for it is almost negligible and it also fits on multiple platforms such as Mac, Web, Windows, and of course iOS and Android.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is an app that boasts of saving you finance. It provides total control over one’s finances and ensures that the entire process is such where constant chances of creating savings arise. The only hiccup with this application is that it is one of the costliest ones in this range. But you have the choice of using it for free for a month and then deciding whether you want to purchase it or not.

If you use YNAB to its full extent you can save anywhere from $600 to $6000 per annum. So, don’t let the price tag get in your way.


This is an app that specializes in bill payments. Think about a time when your mind is free to wonder without having to worry about the due date of the various bills. This is what Prism promises you. And of course, you can get to calculate all your finances beforehand and ensure you have a securely planned your budget for every month.


Monefy is one of the latest finance apps that allow you to manage all your accounts in a robust manner. This app can be used from multiple devices, and its entire UX is highly efficient. And if you are new to such apps then Monefy might be your best choice.

Use any of these 5 apps to make sure that you don’t face finance problems mid-month. Worrying about money can be very stressful and with the right application this unnecessary stress can be totally avoided.