Phone Customization – Top 6 Apps That You Cannot Miss

You think you have everything you and your phone need? Well, a yes won’t be the right thing to say unless you have the following applications on your phone. The apps listed below may not be the latest in the market but like the title suggests, these are the applications that you cannot miss and should consider installing.


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Top 5 Mobile Applications For Personal Finance Management

Finance management is one of the prime requirements for any independent adult in today’s times. And this does not mean simply keeping a tab of one’s various bank accounts. Rather, finance management incorporates spheres such as budget calculation, bill payments, investment tracking, etc. And in this current technical age there are various smartphone apps that can help you manage your personal finances.… Continue

Top Ranked Mobile Apps

Mobiles are being used frequently. Mobile applications are the software applications which are designed to run on smartphones, tablets. These days some of the apps are already being installed in the smartphones like a web browser, mapping program, calendar and much more. We can also install apps from the Google play store and these apps are totally free they cost no money.… Continue

Top 5 Android Apps and Their Earnings

Many of the apps can be downloaded to the mobile phone through the play store. Sometimes useful apps aren’t available – for example these that make you aware of fake driving instructors. Anyway, many of the free applications which can be downloaded through play store and among them some of the apps are mentioned below which makes much of the earnings:


Instagram is an app which people especially young ones are using very frequently these days.… Continue

Top 5 Most Downloaded Apps

The usage of applications is now becoming increasingly frequent. We all have noticed that we always go for the free apps rather than the paid ones, why? They are free! Also, why spend money on something when you can actually get it for free? So here are some of those apps that are free and very useful. Have a look at these 5 most downloaded apps and give them a try.… Continue

Top Successful Free Apps to Download

Which smartphone are you using presently? Is it an Android phone like Samsung Galaxy series or an iPhone? Whatever you use, you definitely look for apps which you download at free of cost and which also cater several of your needs. For example, having a road map app can save you from getting lost in thecompletely new city. So, here are some top successful free apps which you can download to your smartphone to make those the smartest.… Continue

Top 5 Highest-Earning Apps

Whenever you download any apps to your smartphone, have you ever thought how many money the Google Play Store or Apple App Store make every month? You can’t even imagine the amount. Everyday people download apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and numerous gaming apps continuously on their phone. So, instead of making any idea of the profit of these apps stores, you can take a look at the apps that earns maximum money for the stores.… Continue