Top 5 Highest-Earning Apps

Whenever you download any apps to your smartphone, have you ever thought how many money the Google Play Store or Apple App Store make every month? You can’t even imagine the amount. Everyday people download apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and numerous gaming apps continuously on their phone. So, instead of making any idea of the profit of these apps stores, you can take a look at the apps that earns maximum money for the stores. Read on to know more-

1. WhatsApp

This is one of the most downloadable apps from any app store, whether it is for Android phones or from iPhones. This app helps people to stay always connected, and with the latest updates, it is introducing new and exciting features that are keeping people engaging in it. From sending pictures to voice, making calls to video calls, you get myriads of benefits, and that has made it one of the most popular apps among all. Obviously, they will earn thelucrative amount of profit.

2. FaceBook

Talking about the most grossing apps and not mentioning FaceBook will be a big mistake. It was introduced in December of 2011, and from the beginning, it has been the most popular communicating app. What you can do on Facebook is known to everyone, but it will not be exaggerating if we say this is the most earning apps of all today.

3. Skype

This app also started its journey from December of 2011 and soon it became immensely popular among the users. Microsoft (USA) is the owner of this communicating app, and it enables you to make video and voice calls. Skype is one of such apps which also help you to maintain corporate meetings, give presentations, making conference calls and so on. To stay updated, downloading Skype is must nowadays.

4. Instagram

This app was launched in March 2012. This app has several filter choices and remarkably popular because of image sharing. From celebrities to high-school people, everybody loves to share pictures on Instagram. As it is so popular among youth, the number of downloads is increasing day by day. You can imagine how the graph of earning of this app is going only upwards!

5. Candy Crush

So far, you get information about social networking apps that earn the most. But, not mentioning this gaming app is not done. You must have seen people around you playing Candy crush a lot. Everyone is getting addicted to this matching candy game and with the latest updates; you can get more levels, difficulties, bonus rounds and several other exciting features. If you haven’t downloaded it still, make it fast.
So, these are the apps that are mostly downloaded from any app stores. With so many downloads around the world, it is quite obvious that the earnings of these apps are huge and unimaginable. Apart from these, there are several other apps which earn a lot, and it is quite difficult to choose which are to mention and what not.

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