A Few Free Mobile Apps That Are Making a Great Sum of Money

Whenever you hear the word ‘free,’ you get ultra-happy. And when it comes to getting superb mobile apps, your happiness touches the sky. Do you know how much the app companies are earning from these popular apps? Young people are fond of gaming apps, photo editing apps and all. Besides these, there are several other apps which are making our life super easy. So, let’s have a look at the most downloaded apps as these are also the most earning apps at present days-


From 8 to 80s, FaceBook has made everyone crazy. If you ask someone whether h/she is on Facebook or not, they will think you are out of your mind. This is one social networking site that can connect every corner of the world within no time. If you have a smartphone, you can easily download the app and step into the world of friendship and communication. As this is one of the most downloadable apps, it earns unimaginable.


When it comes to connectivity, this is the next name that you take after FaceBook. The days of promo for sending messages are gone. If you have the internet on your phone, you can send messages, recorded voice, videos, pictures, etc. without any cost. With the latest updates to this app, video calling and voice calling is also possible now.

V with U

Apps are not only for entertainment. There are certain apps which can change your life too. This app is made for women to improve their security. Once you download and install this app, you can stay safe from unwanted hazards anywhere. You just mention your location and insert any phone number of your near ones. Your information will reach instantly to that number, and you can avoid any risks.


If you want to make your life celebratory and share all exciting things of your life with the world, this is the app you need to download. From celebrities to any common people, the rate of download of this app is so heavy that it is quite obvious that this app will earn agreat sum of money. Download it and enjoy sharing photos.

HotStar TV Movies

The present youth generation is not that much on TV as they are into online shows. Have you missed your favorite sports or serial on TV? Download this app, and you can see your favorite shows anytime you want.

Snapdeal Online App

And you know why they are on the list of apps that earn the most. Why face shopping hazards when you have a smartphone in your hand? Open the app, select categories, choose your thing and place the order. Yes, life is as simple as that.

These are few pearls from the sea. There are several apps which you may need to fulfill your demands. And the more you download, the more money these apps will earn. Keep downloading!

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